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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1999
Don't you think that it's
Just a little bit depressing
To always eat your salad
With the same sort of dressing
You don't change
You don't change

Don't you think that it's
Just a little bit depressing
To always eat your salad
With the same sort of dressing
Same day same week
Same month same year
You ignore desire
You obey your fear
That when you wake up in the morning
You won't know where you'll be that night
You want your life to be livable
But you never want to have to fight

So don't change your socks
You might not win the game
Don't change your hair
You might not get the dames
Don't change your friends
They might have you killed
Don't change your mind
It might end up filled
With new ideas
Disturbing thoughts
About what you ought
And what you ought not to do

You don't change
You don't change
You don't change
You don't change

You live your life
In a cultivated stasis
Feeling good about the past
Like it's some temporal oasis
You get by
On light beer and weed
Helps quell your hunger
Helps quiet your need

For something different
Something new
All those things that you'd
Like to do
But when the other shoe drops you don't
Maybe cause you can't
Maybe cause you won't
Take a chance
Take a risk
Maybe take a dive
Might slip and fall
And discover you're alive

So don't bite the bullet
because you might get bitten
Don't open up
Oh no
You might get smitten
Don't burn bridges
Cause you're always moving backwards
Just don't come crying to me

You Don’t Change

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