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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 2005
The punks are all sparechanging
And the pigeons are rearranging
As the hackeysacker kicks
In their direction

Christ's psychotic mourner's
Shouting verses on the corner
And the Krishna's sharing his
Orange-cloaked affection

And there's hipster getting coffee
And the crazies are talking softly
To themselves

And the Umbrella Man is standing in the rain
Watching over his domain
Every bum and every cop
every bus and lightrail stop

In and out of Fareless Square
And all the things that happen there
Yeah the Umbrella Man

A flock of goths is chilling
And a busker's playing Dylan
And a homeless dude is drinking
From a forty

Silver guy is motionless
In front of Nordstrom's ocean of
Ridiculously privledged
Sunday shoppers

And there's protesters with signs
And a black kid's keeping time
On plastic buckets

And the Umbrella Man's still standing in the rain
He's got his finger up again
Looks like he's trying to catch a train
But the MAX keeps rolling

East and west past Courthouse Square
And all the people gathered there
The Umbrella Man

We met here after we broke up
Didn't know when you'd show up
It was snowing like it never does
Like it never did for us
I walked circles round the Square
Wasn't anybody there
Except the Umbrella Man

And the Umbrella Man is frozen in the Square
His metal eyes just stare and stare
Metal legs and metal arms
That the rain'll never harm
He'll be here after we're all dead
Watching our grandchilden instead
The Umbrella Man


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