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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1999
Freshman year at Franklin High School
I met a girl named Deborah Jewell
Developed sort of a slow burn crush
That lasted for a couple years

Went to a party at her house
I didn't play bisexual spin the bottle, though
I was shy as a mouse
I looked up to those sixteen-year-olds
Like they were demigods
Holy fuck I'm twenty

In fifth grade, I was the belch king
Personal politics revolved
On and around the tire swing
I wanted to be a Nintendo Game Counselor
When I grew up

Girls were no longer icky
But still didn't make sense
Sex education gave me a
Rudimentary understanding
Of the contents of my pants
I was ten
I was young
I was hip
I had it all figured out
Holy fuck I'm twenty

Back to the Future came out in 1984
I'm older than the Reagan administration
By a year or more
Technically I'm a child of disco
That's a scary fucking thought

Granted I haven't outlived
The shelf life of Spam
And most of my favorite albums
Are older than I am
But even that's by an amount
That grows less statistically significant
Every day
Holy fuck


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