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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1998
The man who didn't save the world
Wasn't very handsome
Wasn't very smart
He didn't honk his horn
And scream at other drivers
He didn't drink wine
And point his nose at art

And he knows he's nothing special
And he knows he's not a man
Of unusual grace
But the man who didn't save the world
Didn't hurt it in the first place

The man who didn't svae the world
Sold his television years ago
Tired of comedies
That didn't make him laugh
Reporters telling him
Things they didn't know

The man who didn't save the world
Was married once
But his wife decided to walk
And his knee gets sore
When the the weather gets cold
And he cries at night
When he listens to Bach

And the men who save the world
Fly through the air in colored tights
Saying superhero words
Fighting supervillain fights

And people want to believe in them
Because no one wants to live
Without an enemy
And the only
Who wasn't trying to blame someone
Was the man who didn't save the world

The Man Who Didn’t Save The World

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