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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 2005
She thinks
All she is
Is a stain on his sheets
As she walks through the rain
On cobbled streets
As copper streetlights paint her shadow
In the shapes of all the things
She might have been
If not for him

He's a drug
That doesn't work anymore
But she needs him
Just to climb up from the floor
So they fuck through night
But come the morning light
She knows
He'll push her out the door

He says
I'll admit
That I used you from the first
And you're not my only conquest
Nor my worst
But I warned you from the start
That I didn't want your heart
You pretty fool
You pretty stain

Yeah all you are
Is a stain on my sheets
And when I wash them
Your collapse will be complete
And when the searchlights in your head
Crawl across my unmade bad
There you'll be
A ghostly stain upon my sheets

Stain On The Sheets

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