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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 2003
It's kinda hard to write
A song for you
Because there's really
Nothing wrong with you

And all the fucked up things
About which I tend to sing
Don't apply

That's why
It's kinda hard to write
A song for you
But that's what boys in love
Are supposed to do

So I'll do my best
And I guess the rest
Is up to you

If I say your name
It'll just be one of those songs
where he says her name
And it'll end up on
Somebody's girlfriend's mix CD
But she's not you and he's not me

It's kinda hard to write
A song for you
And this one's weird
But it'll have to do

You deserve a lot
But this is all I've got
For now
This is all I've got for now

Song For You

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