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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1997
There isn't all that much
That I should say
They say
And I'm afraid that it's best
If you just stay away
They say

But this isn't about love
And it isn't about loyalty
It's just not convenient
To need you
They say

So here is goodbye
Not whispered but broadcast in monotone
No love can be left
Stomp it out
Scourge of my reasonable life

What matters so little
Is that eighteen years
Have begged to kiss your lips
What matters so much
Is the way that a mother is afraid
Of the road she has traveled

But this isn't about love
And it isn't about parents
It's just no self-serving
To love you
They say

So what if I make you cry
Make you crack
Make you die
So what if I think you're perfect
You just aren't any good for me
At least that's what they say

So they say
I shouldn't need you
So they say
I shouldn't love you
So they say
I am lost
So they say

So They Say

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