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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1999
Wrote a song about Schroedinger
And I stuck it in a box
Wrote a song about Einstein
And I wrapped it up in clocks
I can't wait to open
Schroedinger's box
And end the great debate
But I'm waiting till midnight
By Einstein's clocks
Which seem to be running late

Wrote a song about Robert Bunsen
And I stuck it on a burner
Wrote a song about Alan Turing
Turned out to be a quick learner
me an my new AI hooked up
and went on a few dates
Sure the conversation was a bit artificial
But the chemistry was great

Wrote a song about Galileo
And shot it into space
Wrote a song about Sigmund Freud
And when he heard it he took my case
Galileo wouldn't shut up
About heliocentricity
But it's like I told Doctor Freud
The world revolves around me


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