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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1998
I don't hang with Camus
I don't dig that
Dreary nihilistic
Train of thought
I'm no stranger to the
Apathetic side of life
But that is definitely
Not my lot

I'm no materialist
I'm not in love with my
Toys and house and car
And rare Van Gogh
It's nice to have those things around
But I can't base my life on
The things I see on

C'est la vie
C'eal l'amour
I'm not so shallow any more
Siddharta blew my mind
Opened up a door

Before enlightenment
Chop wood and carry water
After enlightenment
Chop wood and carry water

So now I see the world
Through a different set of eyes
It looks the same
But seems a bit more real
I still get upset
Feel like something is wrong
But I can be glad
Just because I feel

So yeah I wouldn't mind
A porsche
A house
A lovely wife
And kids to make my life
A living dreaming that knows no pain
But that's all icing on the cake
That I've already got
It's life
It's everything
I want
And need
And wish I'd never seen

Philosophy II

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