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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1996
The dead of a winter's night
So am I the dead
Something broken
It hurts my head
I'm losing consciousness
I'm losing everything I need
I've been alone so long
Forgive this starving stranger's greed

Knocking on your door
In the middle of the night
Breaking down your door
So I can die in your light
If you break my heart
At least I'll feel something tonight
Let me be real
Let me be real
Let me be real

You shine like heaven
It hurts my eyes
I dream about you
And I never want to rise
These dreams are poison
Your arms are antidote
Every rose for you
If roses sing then
Let them be my throat

Knocking on your door
In the middle of the night
Breaking down your door
So I can lay here in your light
Let me your heart
If I see anything tonight

Midnight chorus
With the moonlit sky
I only pray that I will
Have the strength to try
You're the one
Am I the only that knows

Every hour a prelude
Every night a trial
Every thought a tribute
Every inch a mile
Against your radiance
Helen of Troy would stew
And I wonder if you know
There'll never be a perfect day
Without you

Knocking on your door
In the middle of the night
Breaking down your door
Cuz then I think I'll be alright
Let me in your heart
Cuz nothing ever felt so right


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