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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1997
Mother Teresa died the other day
And I guess that I should mourn
Except that
Princess Diana died as well
And I've been quite busy
Crying dramatic tears
Over the tabloids that are
How I see the world

Right now I just as soon
You not ask questions
Designed to make me think about my life
About the world
About the way we seem to
Feed collectively
On the flavored bread of entertainment
Could you quiet down in front
I'm trying to cry convincingly

Oh there's nothing you can say
Oh it's easier this way
Sit down
You're rocking the boat
It's already sinking fast enough

Give me my simple point of view
Give me my simple-minded hate
Give me the right to let my life go by
Without an ounce of pain
Or screaming demons
Telling me these truths
That aren't so easy to ingest
And shit upon the floor
Where they will be forgotten

Hey Mother Teresa
I'm sorry
But you just didn't make the cut
No five-thousand dollar dresses
No troubled marriage to the Prince
How can we sleep at night
Think everything's all right
Oh the human soul
Is dying of neglect

Oh there's nothing you can say
Oh it's easier this way
Sit down
You're rocking the boat
It's already sunk

Mother Teresa

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