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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1997
My hair is greasy
It's hanging in knots
But she loves me
I need a shower
I smell like a dog
But she loves me
My nose is large
And unique in shape
But she loves me
I should brush more often
My teeth are yellow
But she loves me

I'm not perfect
I'm not even close
But she loves me

Do you know why I love you
You're my dreams
You're my strength
If you can love me
You can love yourself
Love your dreams
Love your strength

She has a beautiful face
And beautiful hair
And still she doesn't like herself
She has glowing eyes
And a sensitive voice
And still she doesn't like herself
She moves with purpose
And smells of angels
And still she doesn't like herself
She's brilliant and caring
And she warms my sould
And still she doesn't like herself

She's closer to perfect
Than anyone I know
And still she doesn't like herself

I want this song to be fiction
I want her to wake up to herself
I want her to look in the mirror
Each day and see the person who
Everyone who's honest and caring sees

she's brilliant and caring
And she warms my soul
And still she doesn't like herself
But I love her
And I can hope that's contagious


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