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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 2010
I'm done
So long
Good luck
I'm gone
I'm done

That's it
That's all
Don't write
Don't call
That's it

Get out
Fuck off
Get bent
Get lost
Get out

You cheat
You lie
I hope you
fucking die
You cheat

I’m Done

Track one from Inchoatery – the breakup song.

Trying to do this as a dialogue between two people using only my voice was a challenge; at the end of the day, panning the voices fairly hard left and right was about the best I could do to try and sell the separation.

Sonically there’s some heritage here from 2007’s All These Little Metal Things — the use of metallic scratching as a percussive element, the dropping of any underlying harmonic anchor for significant portions of the song, the tuneless/shouted vocals — though this is much more explicitly harmonically structured and somewhat more structurally complex of a song by comparison.

I don’t have much of a habit of writing even simple lead guitar lines for my own recordings, but it’s something I enjoyed from bands I’ve been in, and I think the line in the break in the middle of this works pretty well.

If you listen to the early sketch I recorded near the beginning of February, a couple things are clear about how this idea started compared with where it wound up at for the album: it was slower and decidedly more melodic originally, and the rhythmic signature of it was less pronounced.

Trying to work out cohesive drum patterns for this album — a first, I’ve only had the drumset since last July so I’m still learning weekly — was a challenge but I think gave me a stronger grounding for some of the final arrangements, rhythmically.

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