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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1997
Big black woman
Sitting on the bus
Big belly
Big eyes
A pretty face
A pretty friendly looking person
And I don't see her smile
But I can tell
If she did I'd like it

She's not trying to do anything
Except her live her life

Little white man
Sitting near her on the bus
Little hair
Little eyes
Reading his paper
And searching through his bag
And I don't see him look at her
But then I don't think that he wants to

What's he searching for anyway
A pile of gold

The bus stops
A few faceless people leave
A seat opens up across the way
A space opens up
And he runs for his
Chance to escape her
And he still doesn't look her way
He just sits
He feels safer a few more feet away

he's looking for an excuse
An excuse to flex his ignorance
Yeah let's hear it for his ignorance

He isn't proud of it
But he doesn't hide it well either
He isn't very fond of it
But he doesn't want to let it go
He doesn't look at it often
But he uses it every day
And he doesn't have to think about it
Cuz it's the easiest thing to know


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