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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1996
Hello, Joe, whaddaya know
Do you know who you are
Where you are
What you are
Is it all a little loud
A little bright to your
Newborn eyes
Come back Joe
When you're bigger
I can't tell you
Till you know who you are

Hello again, Joe
What is it this time
Is it money
Your parents
A guitar
A new car
Is it all a little slow
A little dull to your ravenous eyes
Come back Joe
when you're older
I can't tell you
Till you know where you are

Hello, Joe
You enjoying the show
Is it all a little fast
Is it over your head
Did you blink another year by
Is it getting to you Joe
Come back Joe
When you're wise
I can't tell you
Till you know what you are

Come on in Joe
I know it's cold
But hell
You haven't got much choice
Dontcha know
Welcome back to the stream
And if you scream
They won't hear you

Cuz your dead, Joe
And that's final
And oh
You know it too
D'ya know who what where why
Whaddaya know Joe
Oh you know me
Like the palm of your hand
Hello, Joe

Hello Joe

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