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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1996
Hello again
Do you know what you've begun
A trip down memory lane
Is all I need right now to fall apart
Your smile, your eyes are beautiful
Everything about you always was
It knocked me down back then
And oh
I'm on the ground again

Why are you on my mind
Why can't I make you fade away
You're all I've always never had
And I wonder why I have to feel this way

Goodbye again
And who knows, I might see you around
Just please don't keep in touch
You're too much
To see but to never be able to touch
And I am tearless again
No point in crying at fate
But I'll wait again
I don't want to again
But I will, I will, I will
I know I will

I guess I'll never see you again
Guess that's just the way the story goes
But who ever writes the stories
Never saw a rose or watched one die
I never read your old letter
But I never throw them away
I kept you buried down where you were harmless
Now I've go to do that again

Hello Again

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  1. Melissa Alarie wrote:

    Hi Josh,
    Erik Berg gave me a copy of your cd Seams years ago for christmas and I never got the chance to tell you I love your music! I listen to Seams quite a bit and I think Amateur is my fav song. So like I said just wanted to say you are amazing!

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

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