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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1997
I'm not fascinated
By every stupid thing
You feel like saying
I'm not interested
In how the football team
Is playing

I don't care about you
Hearing yourself talk
Please say something that matter
Cuz I'm going into shock

Get a life
Learn to talk
Drop the attitude
Lose the walk
You can't always be
The Toys R Us kid

The world keeps turning
When you've gone to sleep
And when you're gossiping
I feel like coutning sheep
I don't care about how your
Boyfriend picked your lock
You can grow up any day now
Cuz I'm going into shock

Is that your middle name
You only talk about yourself
And you always sound inane
I can only nod and smile
so much before I puke
The art of conversation
Might be better off
If we strapped you to a nuke

Get A Life

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