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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1999
No recordings available for this song yet.

My new white shoes
Spotlessly clean
Got my sweater tied around my neck
Just so
I bought the whole coordinate outfit, honey
But it seems somewhere along the line
Someone else bought my soul

Got those Gap blues
Got those
Play it safe and keep it trendy
Gap blues

Won't catch me wearing
No flannel shirts
That was so
Nineteen ninety three
I'm at the cusp of mainstream fashion, honey
So how come no one interesting
Is willing to talk to me

My friend just does not
Seem to understand
He wears old jeans
And grows his hair to long
Funny thing is
He doesn't seem to give a shit
But I'm standing here in my khakis
Singing a blues song

Got those Gap Blues
Got those
Play it safe and keep it trendy
Everything's beige
What precisely are tech-vests anyway
Being worn by people
Standing in pure white rooms
Everything costs
Three times as much as it would
At any other store
Two years ago
Gap Blues

Gap Blues

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