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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1996
You were so busy learning to fly
You forgot to teach me to walk
Too busy earning your wings
To touch down and talk
I was learning to sing
You melted your wings
Now I choke on the smoke that you left behind

Sometimes I think I see you
Flying over
Sometimes I think I hear you
Racing around my head
Sometimes I think I see you
Flying overhead

Back in the village, couldn't do well
Searching for heaven in the middle of hell
You gave it to me and then you flew
God only knows what the devil I'll do
Was gonna be the big thing
Now I'm just a man with a tambourine
And I'm lost in a lust for yesteryear

Fly away
Why couldn't you wait
Just one more day
Fly by night
And it's too late
To say it'll be alright

Sometimes I think I feel you
Kneeling beside my bed

Selling the drama, selling my soul
Cuz you taught me everything I didn't want to know
The millions of scars in millions of lives
We blame it on others but we don't even try
A child lost in the maze
Why won't wipe the tears from his face
Cuz time is the one thing that we can't turn around

Why wouldn't you wait
Just one more day

Now I'm stuck inside a cloud of smoke
I hope you're fucking proud
You broke my heart the day you
Flew away and never came home

Flying Over

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