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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1999
Tired of the old man's talk
Tired of his lectures
So measured and tempered and tailored
So I tune him out
Like a radio station in a mountain pass
And sit under a waterfall of static

Catch you on the flipside
Gotta blow this popstand
Spend a little time
Being cold and dead
Closing time
Everybody else out of my head

She likes to dance by
Dressed in robes of heat and affection
Moving like a gypsy
To a jukebox of forbidden tunes
So I dump cold water over everything
And just shiver for a while

Grandparents died of cancer
Don't need to feel that
Parents are fighting again
Don't need to dwell upon it
Fell in love and lost her
Don't need to think about that
Can't tell if I'm alive
But who's to say
I have to care


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