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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1996
You seem to think
My affection is just a plaything
You need to look
Commitment in the face
I think you should put
Your lovelife into context
If you're trying to win resentment
Well honey you've won the race

Cuz I don't want to be
The next guy that you cheat on
Don't like being lonely
But you're not a healthy alternative
Don't want to be in charge of
Your lack of fidelity
Fickle ain't the girl I'm looking for

Maybe you've noticed
The pain in my eyes
When you give me that lusty stare
Maybe you've noticed
The confusion I feel
When your fingers are in my hair
Maybe you've noticed
The tension when we say goodnight
I don't mind if you kiss me
But your boyfriend might

Soft lips
Soft eyes
You certainly are attractive
That's for sure
It's too bad about
Your chronic itch
Call me
If the doctors find a cure


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