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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1999
I remember
Getting drunk for the first time
At your house on New Year's Eve
That virgin trip

And I remember
Hanging out with you and Mary
At Coffeetime in NorthWest
And I beat you both at chess
And I'm no good at chess

And then you died
In the water
In Brazil

I remember
How you smoked your clove cigarettes
And the smoke became you
And your voice seemed to fit the smoke

And I remember
How I wanted you
How everybody seemed to want you
All the boys did
And the girls did too

I remember
How you sent me some sand
From a beach in Spain
That made my day
You made my day

And I remember
The way that Wilder's voice
Shook on the telephone
Still seems like just the other day

He said you died
In the water
In Brazil

Emma’s Song

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