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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 2005
Little doubts
Creep into your daily thoughts
Question marks
Attach to everything you hear
Suspicion bends and breaks
All the things you used to take for granted

Simple things
Begin to seem malevolent
Hidden signs
And every action relevant
Paranoia slips between
All the things that used to seem okay

You feel as if you're losing your mind
And everything you see is a bad sign
And everyone you trusted has turned their back
You've lost control of what you believe
Watching the magician's shirt-sleeves
Searching for the rabbit inside the hat

Basic truths
Start to sound like hollow lies
Broken dreams
You can't help but analyze
Disillusioned by your faith
Wondering if it's all a waste of time

You feel the weight of unfriendly eyes
And everyone you know is the bad guy
And everyone's gone crazy except for you
And everyone is staring you down
Like the only atheist left in Jonestown
Wondering if the koolaid contains the clue


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