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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1997
Another dead guitarist
Another broken hand
Another swim in the mirage
They burn the sky, they drink the sand
Another triple-bypass
And another T-bone steak
If you want they'll cook another
And we'll serve it at your wake

Some are here and some are there
But I'll just ride the fence awhile
Another year but we don't care
Just fake a tear or fake a smile

Another broken heart
Another light that never got to shine
Another teacher laid off after almost
Twenty years of giving all the time
Another forced confession
How's that racial indegestion
Does it sting when everybody looks the other way
No this ain't right
A bad moon's rising tonight
But hell, it's the American Way

But oh
You know
That the carpool lane to hell
Is awful busy

So oh
Please don't go
Cuz on this lonely strip of uphill road
There's always room for more

Simple Simon
Bought an axe and paid a dime
And promptly flushed his morals down the drain
Cut to a junkie
Ressurrected not injected
And he found the answers in the rain
Make it stop
Make me shine
Make me sane
Make me understand why I don't cry
Make me scream
Make me laugh
Make me real
Tell me all this wasn't just a lie

Some want diamonds in the sky
I just want off this fence for good
I don't want to be afraid to die
But I'd live for ever if I could


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