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Written by Josh Millard
Year: 1994
Every morning I get up
And take a long black swim in my coffee cup
And I wonder why the hell am I here

Introspective is my middle name
I've asked myself these same questions
For more than 18 years

What do I do
What do I say
Who am I supposed to be today
I'm an amateur
At this thing called life

My parents tell me listen to us lad
You've got to have initiative
So get out there and be bold

The cynics say young man don't you see
It's not your job to be inquisitive
So shut up and do what your told

Everywhere I go it seems to me
There's somone telling me just who I am
Which only goes to show

That in this age of digital technology
And self-help therapy no one
And I mean no one really knows


Amateur was the first song I ever wrote. I was 14.

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