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This is a listing of (more or less) every song I’ve written, collaborated on, or recorded a cover version of over the years, broken down into the following sections:

» Original solo compositions

I’ve written a lot of songs in the last umpteen years; this section breaks them down by year.

» Collaborations and production

I’ve worked with a number of individuals and bands over the years to record original compositions; this section lists that output by songwriter.

» Cover versions

I like recording covers of good (and occasionally bad) songs; this is list of the covers I’ve recorded, listed (to the best of my knowledge) by original songwriter.

» Full alphabetical index

Every song collected on this website, listed by title.
Original/solo work
Drunk Again    Get You Laid    I’m Done    Meanwhile    Metaphorsturbation    One Piece At A Time    Pathetic    Rewrite    So Fuckin’ Free    Stumble    Tell It All    Uh Uh   
Barista    Devil Blues    Doubt    I’m Tired    Like A Turtle    Pyscho    Stain On The Sheets    Three Dimensional    Trapper Keeper    Umbrellaman    Yellow    Yellowed   
Another    David Wilder Schmaltz Needs A Girlfriend    Get A Life    Ignorance    Love    Mother Teresa    Philosophy    Seams    Sitcom    So They Say    Superego   
Alien Eyes    Amnesia    Beautiful    Fickle    Flying Over    Hello Again    Hello Joe    Oasis    Tampon Song    Uncle   
Collaboration and Production
Brian Rozendal
4am    A Different Life    A New One    Atmosphere Zero    Bacon    Bad Deal    Bloodwork    Broken Ark    Castle    Catastrophes    Closer    Comi    Finishing Salt    Flowers In Winter    Full Of Love    Galaxy    Gone Now    I Got Everything    It’s Yours    Leave Me Alone    Little Death    Lullaby    Mine Enemies    My Words    New Ground    No Reason    Paper Fence    Parasites    Perfect Martyr    Perfect Scenery    Potassium    Promises    Quiet A Mess    Reasons    Said And Done    Still Trying To Be    Ten Thousand Miles    The New One    Thrills    Tickety Tock    Untitled    Washington    Weathervane    Winter   
Edgar Paras
I Don’t Need You    Like This    Parting Out   
Wilder Schmaltz
Come And Go   
The Harvey Girls
Axelrod    Blue Leaves    Coral Catsup    Cossack    Emily Sparks    French Bread    Grandma Layton    Icecapade Castles    Mexican Sunrise    Parasols    Rod Carew    Sally Forth    So So So    Wedding Night    Wolf Mother    Wolf’s Revenge   
Adam Bartell
Stephen Dodson (languagehat)
Doing The Churlish Pule   
Alex Millard
Ghana Boots US From World Cup   
Astro Zombie
Mansion On The Hill #4    Young Devin Funck   
Its Raining Florence Henderson
Mathowie’s Community Blog    Sergeant Pepper 2.0   
Oh Balloon Boy   
various metafilter members
Toft Snutch   
Ralph Stanley
Angel Band   
Bobby Darin
The Simpsons?
Flaming Moe’s   
Michael Stipe
Losing My Religion   
John Sullivan Dwight
O Holy Night   
E. Y. Harburg
Somewhere Over The Rainbow   
Tom Petty
Ian McCulloch
Killing Moon   
Frank Black
Where Is My Mind   
Bill Withers
Lean On Me   
Bruce Springsteen
Robert Smith
Friday I’m In Love   
John Darnielle
Woke Up New   
Conor Oberst
First Day Of My Life   
Sufjan Stevens
Carl Sandburg   
Scott Weiland
Lou Reed
Femme Fatale   
Regina Spektor
Leonard Cohen
Frank Loesser
Jimmy Cox
Nobody Knows You   
Laurie Anderson
O Superman   
Daniel Johnston
True Love Will Find You in the End   
Fleischman, Schon, Valory
Wheel In The Sky   
Elliott Smith
Waltz #2   
Alphabetic index of all songs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   
88 Lines About 44 Mefites   
A Different Life   
A Man In A Boat In The Water   
A New One   
Affording Good Beheadings   
Alien Eyes   
All These Little Metal Things   
America Online Releases Twenty Million Private Search Records   
Angel Band   
At the Open Mic   
Atmosphere Zero   
Att To Acquire Bellsouth   
Aural Times Is Back   
Awning Song   
Bad Deal   
Bad First Song   
Berlusconi Will Not Concede Defeat   
Blue Leaves   
Broken Ark   
Bush And Koizumi Visit Graceland   
Bush Leaves For India Pakistan Tour   
Carl Sandburg   
China Bans Foreign Animation From Prime Time Tv   
Cigarette Eyed In Deadly Cruise Ship Fire   
Columbus Stockade Blues   
Come And Go   
Coral Catsup   
Court Hallucinogenic Tea Ok   
Cyclone Batters Australian Coast   
Dan Rather Leaving Cbs   
Dark Hollow   
David Wilder Schmaltz Needs A Girlfriend   
Despite What Santa Said   
Devil Blues   
Doctor Who Goes To (Final Fantasy I) Town   
Doing The Churlish Pule   
Drunk Again   
Dry Run Creek   
E Coli Contaminates Fire Island Water Main   
Editor In Chief Apologies For Recent Interruption In Publish Schedule   
Emily Sparks   
Emma’s Song   
Energy Chief Says Gas Prices Wont Drop   
Erik’s Mom   
Ernesto Ernesto Ernesto   
Fbi Searching Michigan For Jimmy Hoffas Corpse   
Femme Fatale   
Fictional Encore   
Find Me Out On A Mountaintop   
Finishing Salt   
First Day Of My Life   
Flaming Moe’s   
Florida Woman Punches Otter To Protect Pet Dogs   
Flowers In Winter   
Flying Over   
Former School Teacher Karr Confesses To Ramsey Killing   
Free City Wide Wifi Coming To Portland   
French Bread   
Friday I’m In Love   
From Everyone, To Everyone   
Full Of Love   
Gap Blues   
German Cat Had Deadly Strain Of Bird Flu   
German Dialogue   
Get A Life   
Get You Laid   
Ghana Boots US From World Cup   
Ghana Team Upsets Czech Republic   
Gone Now   
Google Launches Calendar   
Grandma Layton   
Green And Long And Mean   
Halle Hula   
Happy 10th Birthday Metafilter   
Happy Birthday Alex   
Happy Birthday Metafilter   
Heinz To Cut 2700 Jobs   
Hello Again   
Hello Joe   
High Court Rules Commissions Are Illegal   
Homeland Security Aide Arrested In Sex Sting   
Homer Eagles Will Be Beggars No More   
How I Spent My Winter Vacation   
How To Fight Loneliness   
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart   
I Don’t Need You   
I Got Everything   
I Just Got Back from the Dentist   
I Spend All My Free Time on the Internet   
I’ll Stab You (For Sumru)   
I’m Done   
I’m Going Away   
I’m Sorry   
I’m Tired   
Icecapade Castles   
Iran To Pursue Atomic Research Despite Russian Plan   
It’s Jay   
It’s Only Portland When it Rains   
It’s Yours   
Its A Terrible Mistake Says Pyleva   
Jagger In Talks For ABC Comedy Pilot   
Jaws Author Peter Benchley Dead At 65   
Jersey Girl Wins Spelling Bee   
Job Song   
Kenneth Lay To Testify In Enron Trial   
Kick Me   
Killing Moon   
Last Day   
Last Minute Love Songs   
Lean On Me   
Leave A Message At The Tone   
Leave Me Alone   
Let’s Just Pretend that David Bowie Wrote this Song   
Like A Turtle   
Like This   
Little Death   
Liverpool Burglars Caught By American Watching Webcam   
Losing My Religion   
Make My Day   
Man Of Constant Sorrow   
Mansion On The Hill #4   
Mathowie’s Community Blog   
Matthewchen Is Spamming   
Metafilter Podcast Theme   
Metafilter’s Down   
Mexican Sunrise   
Mine Enemies   
Mother Teresa   
My Words   
Nations Largest Windfarm Planned For Texas   
New England Sees Worst Flooding In Seventy Years   
New Ground   
New Rocket Fails On Its Maiden Launch   
Newsbot 3000 Declares Isreal Lebanon Situation Illogical   
Next Year’s Gotta Be Better than This One   
Nintendo Names New System Wii   
No Good News Today   
No Reason   
Nobody Knows You   
Norway Hit By Meteorite   
Not For This Season   
Nsa Collected Massive Database Of Phone Call Records   
O Holy Night   
O Superman   
Oh Balloon Boy   
One Piece At A Time   
Only Listened One Time   
Pamela Anderson Calls For End To Seal Hunt   
Paper Fence   
Paraplegic Woman Runs From Cops   
Parting Out   
Perfect Martyr   
Perfect Scenery   
Philosophy II   
Pink Floyd Founder Syd Barrett Dies   
Please Stop The Asshattery   
Plutos New Moons Named Hydra And Nix   
Polish Science Fiction Legend Stanislaw Lem Is Dead   
Quiet A Mess   
Radio Cure   
Rangers Catch Bear After Mauling   
Rod Carew   
Room War Joke   
Said And Done   
Sally Forth   
Say What You Mean   
Schwarzenegger To Play Ping Pong Match Against 80 Year Old Ping Pong Champ   
Scientists Find Compelling Evidence For Dark Matter   
Scientologist Hayes Leaves South Park   
Scooby Doo   
Scott Mcclellan Stepping Down   
Screamo Interlude   
Sean Connery Undergoes Surgery For Kidney Tumor   
Sean Song   
Senate Vote Kills Anti Gay Marriage Amendment   
Senators Push Iraq To Form Government   
Sergeant Pepper 2.0   
Sleater Kinney Calls It Quits   
So Fuckin’ Free   
So So So   
So They Say   
Soda Czars Ceasing Sales To Schools   
Something About The Spring   
Somewhere Over The Rainbow   
Song For You   
South Dakota Votes To Ban Abortions   
Stain On The Sheets   
Stay Away   
Stay The Fuck In Line   
Still Trying To Be   
Student Sues Over Sat Errors   
Sunrise And A Sugar High   
Swedish Academy Welcomes W Into Alphabet   
Tampon Song   
Tell It All   
Ten Thousand Miles   
The Bottom Falls Out Of The Clouds   
The Dangers of Buying an Older House   
The Gap Blues   
The Human Condition   
The Man Who Didn’t Save The World   
The New One   
The Way These Things Unwind   
Things Fall Apart   
Thousands Evacuate Merapi   
Thousands March Against Immigration Crackdown   
Three Dimensional   
Three Students Held In Arsons At Churches   
Tickety Tock   
To All The Girls That Broke My Heart Without Trying To   
Toft Snutch   
Tom Cruise Says He Wont Eat The Placenta Of His Child   
Tom Delay To Give Up Seat In Congress   
Trapper Keeper   
Trojan Implosion   
True Love Will Find You in the End   
Turner Broadcasting Edits Smoking Out Of Tom And Jerry Cartoons   
Twist The Knife   
Two Teens Charged In Extortion Of Myspace   
Uh Uh   
Us Journalist Carroll Released After Months In Iraq   
Vomit Song   
Vp Cheney Accidentally Shoots Man During Hunting Trip   
Waltz #2   
Water Hints At Life On Moon Of Saturn   
Wedding Night   
What’s In The Box?   
Wheel In The Sky   
When You Get A Girl   
Where Is My Mind   
Without Jay   
Woke Up New   
Wolf Mother   
Wolf’s Revenge   
Woman Attacks Dog Breeder With Body Of Dead Chihuahua   
You Are My Sunshine   
You Don’t Change   
Young Devin Funck   

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