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Album in a month time

Every February for the last five years, The RPM Challenge has double-dog dared musicians to write and record an entire album from scratch in 28 days. I participated in 2007, the result of which was what I consider my first Real Album, Manifests. The process was a lot of fun (and very challenging), and I like the record I ended up with.

I haven’t participated for the last couple years, but this year I’m going to give it a shot again. I have no plan, but I do have a few years of additional recording experience under my belt and a larger collection of instruments and recording gear to work with, so I’m excited by the idea of putting together something really satisfying.

We’ll see how it goes; I’ll be posting updates on my progress here throughout the month. A number of folks over on Metafilter are giving it a shot as well, so it should hopefully be a pretty productive month all around.

Welcome to Josh Millard, Musician!

I’ve built this site to be a one-stop home for all my musical work, past and present. I’ve been musical all my life and have been writing songs since I was 14; this site collects every scrap of documentation I have of that output over the years.

To that end, I’ve spent the last several weeks collecting, tagging, uploading, organizing, and annotating my personal recordings and recordings from bands and collaborations I’ve been involved with. You can explore this content by browsing the Song list or by exploring the Group writeups; a miniature musical autobiography lives here; a list of some of my favorite recorded collections is available on the sidebar on the front page.

For more detail about the contents and intent of this site, take a look at the About page. If you’d like to subscribe to the site via your feed reader or RSS aggregator, the feed is available right here.

There are over four hundred recordings on this site, available for listening immediately. However, I’ve still got a lot of work to do; many of the individual collections and most of the songs are in need of writeups and lyric sheets, something I’ll be working on (and blogging about here on the front page) over time. I also hope eventually to add some gear notes and show photography, and maybe even some video clips.

For now, welcome to the site. If you have any suggestions, requests, etc, please do let me know in a comment here or via email at .