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Year: 2007
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. Castle goof- mp3
  2. Castle- mp3
  3. Screamo Interlude- mp3
  4. Potassium- mp3
  5. Lean On Me Goof- mp3
  6. 4am vamp- mp3
  7. 4am- mp3
  8. 4am- mp3
  9. 4am- mp3
  10. 4am chorus work- mp3
  11. 4am how do we start?- mp3
  12. 4am- mp3
  13. 4am- mp3
  14. A New One- mp3
  15. A New One first half- mp3
  16. A New One- mp3
  17. Perfect Martyr- mp3
  18. Perfect Martyr- mp3
  19. Mine Enemies sketches- mp3
  20. Mine Enemies- mp3
  21. 4am- mp3
  22. 4am working the big part- mp3
  23. 4am- mp3
  24. 4am- mp3
  25. Drum And piano Counting goof- mp3

Rehearsal 4/18/07

A typical working session with The Man So Cool, with a lot of focus paid to developing a few songs.

While we would generally hold a run-through practice before a show to go down the whole set list of songs a couple times and compare notes on any minor changes, most of our practices were more of this type. Working out the details of a given new song (or newly-introduced; 4 am, in this case, had been a regular feature in Heat Lorraine‘s heyday, for example) through iterative playthroughs was a common tactic; we’d start with a rough sketch of the song, play it over a few times, and then begin breaking it down into sections to work out each detail.

Some of these tracks feature, along with our actual playing, bits of discussion about what we might do with this or that portion; there’s more of that on record in my master recordings of the rehearsal, but I wanted to keep it to a minimum here.

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