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The Man So Cool

Official demo

The final masters of a 4-track demo recorded January, 2007; engineered and mixed by Chandler Rich.

Rehearsal tracks

A rehearsal from April of 2007; several songs have multiple consecutive takes as we actively work out the arrangements.

Demo roughs

Rough, day-of mixes from the demo recording session. Includes some scratch vocals from Brian later replaced with proper takes. Interesting as a rough-vs-final draft comparison to the official demo.
About the band

In late 2006, Brian Rozendal and I got together with drummer Terry Drysdale and bassist Nate Robinson to develop and perform some of Brian’s material as a quartet. I played Terry’s slightly-busted electric piano and sang harmony vocals; Brian sang lead and played rhythm electric.

The Man So Cool was our first opportunity to put into a proper band context some of the stuff we had worked on since the breakup of Heat Lorraine; some of the later material from that band survived in this new band, though much of what we played was songs written by Brian in the interim.

This was my first time playing keyboard in a band context. I had played piano informally since I was eight or nine, but had never really performed publicly or played piano with a group. As an experience it was challenging and at times fairly frustrating, but I’m glad for it; I now own an electric piano of my own and play regularly, and my general facility with the instrument has improved a lot in the last few years thanks to the kick in the ass that this band provided.

On January 13th, 2007, we went over to Terry’s friend Chandler’s place to record the instrumental tracks for a four-song demo for the band. (Here’s a collection of photos from that day.)

At some point in mid-2007, Brian told Terry and me that he needed to quit the band; real life had gotten too busy and complicated to keep up with the regular band at that point. Nate moved to Argentina for a while, Terry worked with some other musicians, and Brian and I continued to collaborate and record and talk about possible future projects.

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