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Year: 1999
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. David Wilder Schmaltz Needs A Girlfriend- mp3
  2. Dreamlover- mp3
  3. Fickle- mp3
  4. Flipside- mp3
  5. Flying Over- mp3
  6. Hello Again- mp3
  7. How I Spent My Winter Vacation- mp3
  8. Ignorance- mp3
  9. Losing My Religion- mp3
  10. Mother Teresa- mp3
  11. Oasis- mp3
  12. Science- mp3
  13. Seams- mp3
  14. Sitcom- mp3
  15. Somewhere Over The Rainbow- mp3
  16. The Gap Blues- mp3
  17. The Man Who Didn't Save The World- mp3
  18. The Tampon Song- mp3
  19. Twenty- mp3
  20. What's In The Box?- mp3
  21. Wildflowers- mp3

WPI Winter Show

Played a show.

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