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Year: 2006
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. America Online Releases Twenty Million Private Search Records- mp3
  2. Att To Acquire Bellsouth- mp3
  3. Aural Times Is Back- mp3
  4. Berlusconi Will Not Concede Defeat- mp3
  5. Bush And Koizumi Visit Graceland- mp3
  6. Bush Leaves For India Pakistan Tour- mp3
  7. China Bans Foreign Animation From Prime Time Tv- mp3
  8. Cigarette Eyed In Deadly Cruise Ship Fire- mp3
  9. Court Hallucinogenic Tea Ok- mp3
  10. Cyclone Batters Australian Coast- mp3
  11. Dan Rather Leaving Cbs- mp3
  12. E Coli Contaminates Fire Island Water Main- mp3
  13. Editor In Chief Apologies For Recent Interruption In Publish Schedule- mp3
  14. Energy Chief Says Gas Prices Wont Drop- mp3
  15. Ernesto Ernesto Ernesto- mp3
  16. Fbi Searching Michigan For Jimmy Hoffas Corpse- mp3
  17. Florida Woman Punches Otter To Protect Pet Dogs- mp3
  18. Former School Teacher Karr Confesses To Ramsey Killing- mp3
  19. Free City Wide Wifi Coming To Portland- mp3
  20. German Cat Had Deadly Strain Of Bird Flu- mp3
  21. Ghana Boots Us From World Cup- mp3
  22. Ghana Team Upsets Czech Republic- mp3
  23. Google Launches Calendar- mp3
  24. Heinz To Cut 2700 Jobs- mp3
  25. High Court Rules Commissions Are Illegal- mp3
  26. Homeland Security Aide Arrested In Sex Sting- mp3
  27. Homer Eagles Will Be Beggars No More- mp3
  28. Iran To Pursue Atomic Research Despite Russian Plan- mp3
  29. Its A Terrible Mistake Says Pyleva- mp3
  30. Jagger In Talks For Abc Comedy Pilot- mp3
  31. Jaws Author Peter Benchley Dead At 65- mp3
  32. Jersey Girl Wins Spelling Bee- mp3
  33. Kenneth Lay To Testify In Enron Trial- mp3
  34. Liverpool Burglars Caught By American Watching Webcam- mp3
  35. Nations Largest Windfarm Planned For Texas- mp3
  36. New England Sees Worst Flooding In Seventy Years- mp3
  37. New Rocket Fails On Its Maiden Launch- mp3
  38. Newsbot 3000 Declares Isreal Lebanon Situation Illogical- mp3
  39. Nintendo Names New System Wii- mp3
  40. No Good News Today- mp3
  41. Norway Hit By Meteorite- mp3
  42. Nsa Collected Massive Database Of Phone Call Records- mp3
  43. Pamela Anderson Calls For End To Seal Hunt- mp3
  44. Paraplegic Woman Runs From Cops- mp3
  45. Pink Floyd Founder Syd Barrett Dies- mp3
  46. Plutos New Moons Named Hydra And Nix- mp3
  47. Polish Science Fiction Legend Stanislaw Lem Is Dead- mp3
  48. Rangers Catch Bear After Mauling- mp3
  49. Schwarzenegger To Play Ping Pong Match Against 80 Year Old Ping Pong Champ- mp3
  50. Scientists Find Compelling Evidence For Dark Matter- mp3
  51. Scientologist Hayes Leaves South Park- mp3
  52. Scott Mcclellan Stepping Down- mp3
  53. Sean Connery Undergoes Surgery For Kidney Tumor- mp3
  54. Senate Vote Kills Anti Gay Marriage Amendment- mp3
  55. Senators Push Iraq To Form Government- mp3
  56. Sleater Kinney Calls It Quits- mp3
  57. Soda Czars Ceasing Sales To Schools- mp3
  58. South Dakota Votes To Ban Abortions- mp3
  59. Student Sues Over Sat Errors- mp3
  60. Swedish Academy Welcomes W Into Alphabet- mp3
  61. Thousands Evacuate Merapi- mp3
  62. Thousands March Against Immigration Crackdown- mp3
  63. Three Students Held In Arsons At Churches- mp3
  64. Tom Cruise Says He Wont Eat The Placenta Of His Child- mp3
  65. Tom Delay To Give Up Seat In Congress- mp3
  66. Trojan Implosion- mp3
  67. Turner Broadcasting Edits Smoking Out Of Tom And Jerry Cartoons- mp3
  68. Two Teens Charged In Extortion Of Myspace- mp3
  69. Us Journalist Carroll Released After Months In Iraq- mp3
  70. Vp Cheney Accidentally Shoots Man During Hunting Trip- mp3
  71. Water Hints At Life On Moon Of Saturn- mp3
  72. Woman Attacks Dog Breeder With Body Of Dead Chihuahua- mp3

The Aural Times

From February to August or September of 2006, I published a (nominally) thrice-weekly singing newspaper called The Aural Times, at In that time I wrote (or in a handful of cases received submissions) about 70 songs averaging about one minute each about contemporary news stories.

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