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Year: 1998
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. Hello Again- mp3
  2. Amateur- mp3
  3. Ignorance- mp3
  4. Uncle- mp3
  5. Mother Teresa- mp3
  6. Sitcom- mp3
  7. Philosophy- mp3
  8. Flying Over- mp3
  9. Seams- mp3
  10. The Man Who Didn't Save The World- mp3
  11. Philosophy II- mp3
  12. David Wilder Schmaltz Needs A Girlfriend- mp3
  13. What's In The Box?- mp3
  14. Hello Again (solo acoustic)- mp3
  15. David Wilder Schmaltz Needs A Girlfriend (unreleased)- mp3
  16. Seams (unreleased)- mp3
  17. Sitcom (unreleased)- mp3


Seams was an extremely spartan but professionally-recorded album made in the summer of 1998.

My neighbor at the time, Robert Millsap of A Digital Bridge, gave me a couple free hours in his residential recording studio as a birthday present, and broke cheapskate that I was I tried to get as much of an album done in that time as I could. I wish now that I’d had the good sense to pull a little cash together and spend more time on it, but it’s still a nice high-fidelity contrast to my bedroom-recorded demo from the previous summer.

One Comment

  1. Robert Millsap wrote:

    It was a pleasure to record your music Josh.

    Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 10:36 pm | Permalink

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