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Year: 2007
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. At The Open Mic- mp3
  2. When You Get A Girl- mp3
  3. To All the Girls That Broke My Heart Without Trying To- mp3
  4. I Spend All My Free Time on the Internet- mp3
  5. I Just Got Back from the Dentist- mp3
  6. Let's Just Pretend that David Bowie Wrote this Song- mp3
  7. The Human Condition- mp3
  8. All These Little Metal Things- mp3
  9. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8- mp3
  10. It's Only Portland When It Rains- mp3


I wrote and recorded Manifests in February 2007, as part of a kind of collective internet dare called the RPM Challenge. Basically, do a whole album from scratch, start to finish, in one month. Having spent much of 2006 knocking out short, novel songs at a frenetic pace for The Aural Times, I saw this as an opportunity to apply some of those newly honed production skills to something a little more coherent and careful.

At the time, I created a companion site for the album; you can find over there album liners, scans from and discussion of my working notebook for the month, album art, and writeups on each of the individual songs.

I wrote the album in pieces as they came to me throughout the month (and recorded rough demos along the way). I don’t usually sit down to try and force seriously songs out, so it was an unusual experience, and the overall success I had in rewriting and arranging and recording any given song varies a lot across the run of the album. But just to have put together a cohesive collection of songs arranged as a unit was a very satisfying new experience for me. There are things lots of things, some big and some little, that I would go back and change if I could, but all in all I’m happy with what I put together.

Personal favorites off this include Let’s Just Pretend that David Bowie Wrote this Song and It’s Only Portland When It Rains.

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