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Year: 2005
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. Bad Deal- mp3
  2. It's Yours- mp3
  3. Job Song- mp3
  4. Like This- mp3
  5. Little Death- mp3
  6. Parting Out- mp3

Official Demo

We recorded this in early 2005 (and some of late 2004, probably?), when the band was going under the name The Havzies. The demo was recorded at Edgar’s house in North Portland, using closets and the basement as isolation rooms and mixing the whole thing on a new all-in-one mixer/DAW Edgar had picked up recently to replace the four-track cassette recorder we’d used previously.

The contrast between this recording and our first demo from a year earlier is stark; far better general recording quality, better instrument quality, more careful performances, significantly different band sound, etc. There are problems with this recording but it’s pretty solid; listening to it now makes me miss playing in a rock band, much as I don’t miss a lot of the things that come with being in a rock band.

I recall being fairly stressed about being so hands-off on the recording/engineering process at the time, feeling like I had had more relevant experience doing personal recording in the last few years than anyone else in the band—but that sort of feeling of conflict, and the fact that I sat on it instead of communicating about it clearly, is a good example of some of the difficulties I had at the time figuring out to get along in the band context. We were not especially good at that sort of thing in general as a group.

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