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Year: 2005
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. The New One- mp3
  2. Atmosphere Zero- mp3
  3. Bad Deal- mp3
  4. Parting Out- mp3
  5. Yellowed- mp3
  6. Come And Go- mp3
  7. Like This- mp3
  8. It's Yours- mp3

Live at Black Elvis 8/16/05

One of several shows we had lined up in August when, near the start of that month, Edgar announced he was leaving the band. This is one of only three that I think we ended up playing, and along with our disastrous last show is one of only two that I have recordings of.

Despite the weird stress of playing with an already-broken-up band, we managed to put on a pretty solid performance. We had our shit more or less together and were playing well.

The gig was a house party, a charity fundraiser whose host wore a Presley pompadour wig. There was a nearby apartment building from which several calls apparently were made to the police during our set; if you listen carefully during the last song or two, there’s some discussion near the camcorder on which the show was recorded of the fact that the cops had shown up and that the plan was to basically not give a shit about that. Party indeed.

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