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Year: 2003
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. Awning Song- mp3
  2. Gone Now- mp3
  3. Make My Day- mp3
  4. Still Trying To Be- mp3
  5. Job Song- mp3
  6. The Way These Things Unwind- mp3

Edgar’s Basement Demo 11/13/03

Our first recording as a band, a month or two after we had first started playing together. This was made on Edgar’s 4-track cassette deck; I can’t recall how long we spent on it, probably several hours across a couple sessions. The recording itself is rough in a lot of places, with vocal levels varying a lot within and between takes and some bad punches (and I think at least a couple inadvertent destructive edits that we did our best to repair).

As an attempt to record a demo, it was probably far too earlier; our sound was still stumbling from point to point at the time, as evidenced both by the distinct change between our sound here and on recordings from a year later and by the fact that most of these songs had gone missing from any kind of rotation in that interim.

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