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Year: 2009
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. Nebraska- mp3
  2. Friday I'm In Love- mp3
  3. Flowers In Winter- mp3
  4. Finishing Salt- mp3
  5. Woke Up New- mp3
  6. Galaxy- mp3
  7. How To Fight Loneliness- mp3
  8. Weathervane- mp3
  9. First Day Of My Life- mp3

Live at Ash Street 6/2/09

After finishing up the recording and mixing of Lean, I wrote off music for a few weeks to decompress. This was probably the first thing I did with Brian after that—a live set at the Ash Street, where we had played several times years earlier in Heat Lorraine.

This was an unusual show in a lot of ways: it was just the two of us, no Aubrey on cello or any drums; I wasn’t playing keyboard for the first time in a while, instead playing a mix of ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica; and fully half the set list was covers. It was also not very rehearsed, with Brian coming over to my house once or maybe twice to brainstorm setlist ideas and run through songs a few times.

It was a lot of fun. And there was a very drunk guy in the crowd who was maybe heckling or maybe trying to be supportive; you can hear hear him show up on the start or end of a number of the songs, roused by change in room volume to shout whatever was going through his head while he could hope to be heard, I guess. He goes high on my list of Favorite Loud Drunks At Shows.

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