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Year: 2008
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Song pages and mp3 files:
  1. Broken Ark- mp3
  2. Galaxy- mp3
  3. I Got Everything- mp3
  4. My Words- mp3
  5. Not For This Season- mp3
  6. Paper Fence- mp3
  7. Parasites- mp3
  8. Perfect Martyr- mp3
  9. Room War Joke- mp3
  10. Ten Thousand Miles- mp3

Demos 1/18/08

Brian and I had planned for a week or two to sit down and record some demos in what was at the time an abortive attempt to start doing work for a proper recording. (Eleven months later we got down to business for real and produced Lean.)

When Brian did show up, he had managed to lose much of his voice. We talked about just shitcanning the session, but instead we went ahead and knocked out the recordings for either shits and giggles or some doomed notion of work-ethic or follow-through or such.

Vocally, the recordings are unusual. At times they’re just plain rough, with Brian’s voice pitchy or cracking, but at other times it’s just charmingly husky and broken in a way that I actually really like in retrospect.

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