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Brian Rozendal


a seven-song EP recorded in early 2009

Live at the Red Room

a show recording featuring much of Lean‘s content under development, with me on keyboard and Aubrey Webber on cello.

Live at Ash Street

a show that Brian I played featuring me on everything I could carry, including ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica.

Demos 1/18/2008

a collection of ten rough demos Brian recorded on a day where he’d nearly lost his voice; the vocals are charmingly patchy.

Demos 7/8/2003

as much for context as anything; this is my earliest recording of Brian, and it’s clear noteening to it how much he has grown as a singer and songwriter in the ensuing years.
About Brian

I first met Brian Rozendal in the summer of 2003, not long after he had moved to Portland from northern California with his then-wife and their two young daughters.

I had for that last year or so been trying to break out of my shell a bit and find people to play music with; I met a few people and had some informal jam sessions, but nothing clicked. When I responded to a craiglist ad that Brian had posted, I finally hit paydirt; we got together to jam on the Park Blocks, hit it off, and have been playing together off and on ever since.

My collection of recordings of Brian includes some early demos made that summer in 2003, various collaborative recordings that we’ve made in the years since our first band Heat Lorraine broke up (of which much more here), and a number of solo reference demos I’ve engineered (using the term loosely) over time.

Brian and I also played and recorded with Terry Drysdale and Nate Robinson in the group The Man So Cool, performing songs written by Brian. Again, more on that elsewhere.

In late 2008 and early 2009, I worked with Brian and cellist/vocalist Aubrey Webber to record his first EP, a seven-song release titled Lean. It’s easily the most involved recording project I’ve undertaken, and I’m proud of the finished product and especially of having produced it on zero budget using very minimal equipment.

Brian’s is on myspace, and maintains a personal label site at

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