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Josh Millard
I’ve done a great deal of solo songwriting and recording over the years; you can find all of that organized by year and by collection, and some of the musical history behind it all, in this section.

Brian Rozendal

Since 2003 I have collaborated with and sometimes done recording for my good friend Brian, who plays out currently with his band as Rozendal.

Heat Lorraine

Heat Lorraine is the final of several names for the first band I ever played in, along with Brian as well as Edgar Paras and my old high school friend Wilder Schmaltz. We were together from late 2003 to late-summer 2005.

The Harvey Girls

From late 2006 to mid-2008 I played banjo and guitar and sang backup vocals for this band originally from Lawrence, Kansas, whose core members are husband and wife Hiram Lucke and Melissa Rodenbeek. Adam Bartell played with us for the latter portion of that period as well.

The Man So Cool

I was the piano player in this band, a quartet with Brian Rozendal, drummer Terry Drysdale and bassist Nate Robinson, from late 2006 to mid-2007.

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