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Category Archives: theory

Justin Bieber, PaulStretch, and the Slow Motion Music Quiz

This morning’s meme seems to be Slow Motion Justin Beiber, the entertaining result of taking Bieber’s U Smile and stretching it like taffy with a nice piece of open source audio processing called Paul’s Extreme Audio Stretch (but its friends call it “PaulStretch”). The result is a weirdly ethereal ambient piece that lasts for over […]

Monotoning with Echo Nest Remix

A question occurred to me a while back while exploring the Echo Nest Remix toolset (see previous NIN tomfoolery): Could I easily and algorithmically make recordings more monotone? The answer turns out to be “sorta”. I’ve written a simple python script that uses the Remix library to do some fine-grained pitch-shifting to the songs I […]

The Lonely Iterator

My main musical goal when arranging and recording Inchoatery was to achieve more of a full-band sound than I have in previous recordings. I wanted the album to sound less like a solo project and more like something a functional rock group had put together. There were a couple challenges there, for me: 1. Instrumentation […]