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Category Archives: RPM2010

The Lonely Iterator

My main musical goal when arranging and recording Inchoatery was to achieve more of a full-band sound than I have in previous recordings. I wanted the album to sound less like a solo project and more like something a functional rock group had put together. There were a couple challenges there, for me: 1. Instrumentation […]

Album released: Inchoatery

Last month’s album is done (and it better be, since February is over), and it’s ready for consumption. Please check out it out: Inchoatery That page has the album available for immediate streaming, plus notes about the album in general and links to more details about (and various demo and sketch versions of) each of […]

Album is done. More soon.

Put the finishing touches on yesterday morning and finalized the mixes in the afternoon. Having it done is a big relief. I’ll have a post about it with all the final recordings at some point this weekend; I’m currently getting all the content organized on the site here so it’ll be ready for consumption, before […]

Trying not to panic

It’s February 22th; by the end of Feb 28th, I need to be done with this album. A lot of it is not done. I recorded draft final drum tracks on Friday, for basically everything (Uh Uh still needs doing because the Macbook I’m recording on started being weird that day), doing two or three […]

Pathetic: rough mix

Getting down to serious final-draft work on the album. Here’s a rough mix of a partly-finished final draft of Pathetic: For comparison, here’s the original scratch demo again: The new recording is much closer to what I had in mind — bass in there tied to the drums somewhat (wish I was better at conceiving […]

New song, new demo

This will be the second to last song on the album, I think, picking up where Meanwhile left off by bringing it back to the protagonist in a letter to his ex that addresses and at least partially closes down some of the hanging threads earlier in the playlist. I’m calling it Rewrite at this […]

Blogging about a song about a letter about a breakup

I’m trying to round out the end of the album; there needs to be something redemptive going on by the time the thing is over, or it’s just a bunch of wallowing for no reason at all. (I suppose there could be something cathartic and tragic at the end instead, but it’s already a whole […]

Album scratch demos!

After the marathon of recording yesterday (basically from 8am to 6pm, by myself), I didn’t have the time or energy to actually make a post about it last night. So here we go! I’ve recorded ten tracks yesterday, adding up to about 28.5 minutes of material in raw form though there’s a minute or two […]

Go go go go go

Fueling up on coffee and getting ready to start laying down rough demos of the songs written so far. There are a lot of gaps still in the individual lyrics and in the overall flow of the album itself, and until I sit down and rough these things out properly I really won’t know how […]

Album progress, six days in

Things are going well; after a lot of hair-tearing in the first couple days of the month, I’ve settled down to a theme and gotten started on ten concrete song ideas. Album is taking the form of a post-breakup narrative, tracking a series of vignettes as the protagonist (for lack of a better word) lives […]