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Every single song about Steven Slater

Since flight attendant Steven Slater’s unorthodox deplaning on Monday, August 9th, from a jetBlue plane on which he had been working, there have been no less than twenty-one different songs on the subject written and recorded and posted to the internet.

This is all of them.

If you know of any not featured here, or related folk-musical artifacts or oddities tied to the subject, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to get them added. If you’re curious about the backstory to some of this, see my previous post about the Slater folks music / viral weirdness thing.


The various songs of Steven Slater

My version, lyrics by Max Sparber:


Rachel‘s Ballad of Steven Slater


Jonathan Mann‘s Ballad of Steven Slater


Ornaith O’Dowd‘s The Ballad of Steven Slater


Gary Morton‘s The Steven Slater Song


DanReynoldsRock‘s Steven Slater Jet Blue Blues


Gary DeLena‘s 50 Ways To Leave Your Dayjob


Andy Hoskinson‘s Steven Slater Lost His Cool


Noah Needleman and Lee Curreri‘s Jet Blues


Steve Kolander‘s Fly Away


Elliot Pollack‘s Current Events Song #1: Steven Slater


JudyCoconutty‘s An Ode to Flight Attendant Steven Slater of Jet Blue


rappingFA‘s Steven Slater Resignation Rap


hidingtruid‘s The Ballad of Steven Slater


Midstokke‘s The Ballad of Steven Slater


ondancetronetarnatha‘s The Ballad of Steven Slater (after John Wesley Harding)


AirPurifierReview‘s misleadingly-titled Take This Job and Slide It


UpsetMama‘s Goodbye Now, Take Care, I’m Off!


GuitarConi2‘s Steven Slater Song


Mighty Bulger‘s Steven Slater Song


Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon performed his (or his writing staff’s) version three times last week:





BrooklynBlowback‘s The Ballad of Steven Slater:


Related oddities

My interest has largely been in collecting actual recorded musical compositions/performances, but there are few things I’ve tripped across that fall more on the periphery of this collection than anything. Again, let me know if I’m missing anything interesting.


Here’s a cover of Rachel’s ballad by youtuber Kimfob:


IGN blogging-type-person That Reilly Monster wrote lyrics to a ballad


CartoonOverlord put together an odd little animation complete with jingle, Steven Slater – Fabulous Quitter


Blogger Adam Kovac does a conspicuously grumpy roundup of (some of) the Slater songs.

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  1. Hi! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, especially your compilation of Steven Slater-related videos.

    There is a video that I created and posted onto YouTube on August 11 — “STEVEN SLATER STYLE TRAINING VIDEO” — that, by my standards, was moderately successful (1,200 views thus far).

    Thank you. (btw, you’ve gained another reader.) (-:

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 10:44 pm | Permalink

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