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Trying not to panic

It’s February 22th; by the end of Feb 28th, I need to be done with this album. A lot of it is not done.

I recorded draft final drum tracks on Friday, for basically everything (Uh Uh still needs doing because the Macbook I’m recording on started being weird that day), doing two or three takes per so that I can hopefully surgery away anything that’s conspicuously bad. Today I’ve recorded bass and electric guitar parts for basically everything, though I don’t feel like the guitar stuff went great. But hopefully I’m just being pessimistic.

There are definitely some parts that seemed written in my head but turned out to be a bit full of holes when fingers met fret.

Still to do:

– piano stuff for several songs
– synth/vocoder bits with Hiram, who is coming over tomorrow to help me geek out with his Mini Korg
– acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, uke, upright bass bits on various songs
– washboard and misc. percussion additions to complement existing drum work
– final vocals

Plus whatever minor bits need doing. But that’ll account for 99% of the album. How much of it I can get done tomorrow and the next day I don’t know, but it’d be great to have most of the draft recording done by Wednesday so that I can take the rest of the workweek to rework the loud bits (drums, elec. guitar) while my wife is at work and get started on the mixing.

Trying to believe it’ll all get done in a sane fashion. Really trying to believe.

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