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New song, new demo

This will be the second to last song on the album, I think, picking up where Meanwhile left off by bringing it back to the protagonist in a letter to his ex that addresses and at least partially closes down some of the hanging threads earlier in the playlist. I’m calling it Rewrite at this point.

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Again, this is a rough structural demo, and it’s honestly a bit rougher than the others. I got started late on it this afternoon and tore my hair out a bit over some click track stuff that shouldn’t have been as hard as it was. The song makes a move from 4/4 to 3/4 (or maybe it’s 6/8) about two thirds of the way through, something that I may have to fudge the recording of by just recording the two portions as separate elements and then gluing them together with some transitional cover after the fact, because trying to pull of the switch in one take today didn’t go well.

Other than getting that song written, not a lot of concrete work accomplished for the album-in-a-month since the grand demoing spree last week; mostly I’ve been listening to the existing demos and trying to think through structural changes that need to be made (more of this part because it’s over too quick, less of that part because it’s tedious in the demo, move a bridge, change this or that harmonic detail) and trying to fill out some of the lyrical bits that didn’t seem done yet.

But I need to quit dicking around and start really putting down final tracks. I can’t do the proper recordings in one day like I did the demos, which means I need to not wait till February 27th or so to get serious.

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