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Blogging about a song about a letter about a breakup

I’m trying to round out the end of the album; there needs to be something redemptive going on by the time the thing is over, or it’s just a bunch of wallowing for no reason at all. (I suppose there could be something cathartic and tragic at the end instead, but it’s already a whole album about breakup and misery and neurosis, so that just seems like a bit much.)

And I think I’ve got it; so far I’ve got about five stanzas of the nth draft of a letter from the protagonist to the largely-absent-from-the-album’s-text ex-girlfriend, some sort of attempt at, if not reconciliation, then at least reckoning and fair acknowledgment of what went between them.

Part of the challenge is not just coming up with a thematically-appropriate, narrative-capping pile of lyrics, but to put it in a musical context that’ll satisfy how I want the album to flow. I see this song as coming after Tell It All and Meanwhile, which are both mucking around in ballad territory. And I like a good ballad, but I don’t want things getting too repetitive, and when I set out to write this album part of what I wanted to do was focus on making recordings more in a rock vein than I generally have. So this thing needs to be more up-tempo, a little more chunky and driven.

I’ll cut a demo in the next day or two. I got started writing it yesterday but otherwise spent the day mostly off from music, playing some video games and taking care of Metafilter and just sort of recharging, so hopefully today I can finish most of this song up and nail down a couple of the arrangement ideas I’ve had as I’ve listened to the existing demos ad nauseum. (It’d be great to be able to brainwash myself every couple days so the music would be new to me again. Familiarity, contempt, breeding, etc.)

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