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Album progress, six days in

Things are going well; after a lot of hair-tearing in the first couple days of the month, I’ve settled down to a theme and gotten started on ten concrete song ideas. Album is taking the form of a post-breakup narrative, tracking a series of vignettes as the protagonist (for lack of a better word) lives out the aftermath of the splitting-for-good fight the album will start with.

I was nervous about locking into a specific theme, and especially with the stronger-yet constraint of a (god help me) Concept Album, but at this point I’m feeling like I’ve got a pretty workable start that feels like a linear narrative, and I guess it’s hard to get much more concept-y than that. There’s a lot to say about the whole topic of concept albums and musicals and rock operas and the whole weird continuum these sort of things take up various points on, and that should probably be another blog post entirely. Leave it for now at this: I’ll be happy if at the end of the month I end up with something with a little more narrative transparency than The Wall and that is at least half as listenable as Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

So I’ve got song ideas, a rough developing view of the shape of the overall album (and a sense of some of the gaps that still need filling), and a bunch of lyrics ranging from barely-started to nearly-done. This weekend I’m going to try to fill out and polish up those lyrics, and then on Monday it may be time to sit down and cut some simple demos for reference (and for fun) and start more seriously planning for the recording stage of the project.

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