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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Album is done. More soon.

Put the finishing touches on yesterday morning and finalized the mixes in the afternoon. Having it done is a big relief. I’ll have a post about it with all the final recordings at some point this weekend; I’m currently getting all the content organized on the site here so it’ll be ready for consumption, before […]

Trying not to panic

It’s February 22th; by the end of Feb 28th, I need to be done with this album. A lot of it is not done. I recorded draft final drum tracks on Friday, for basically everything (Uh Uh still needs doing because the Macbook I’m recording on started being weird that day), doing two or three […]

Pathetic: rough mix

Getting down to serious final-draft work on the album. Here’s a rough mix of a partly-finished final draft of Pathetic: For comparison, here’s the original scratch demo again: The new recording is much closer to what I had in mind — bass in there tied to the drums somewhat (wish I was better at conceiving […]

New song, new demo

This will be the second to last song on the album, I think, picking up where Meanwhile left off by bringing it back to the protagonist in a letter to his ex that addresses and at least partially closes down some of the hanging threads earlier in the playlist. I’m calling it Rewrite at this […]

Die Antwoord

I don’t know what the fuck this is, exactly, but I can’t stop listening to it: Die Antwoord. Hat tip to JoeTheDough, who sums it up like so: “Fuck yeah, inbred Afrikaans hip hop. They’re like the Anti-Lady-Gaga”.

Blogging about a song about a letter about a breakup

I’m trying to round out the end of the album; there needs to be something redemptive going on by the time the thing is over, or it’s just a bunch of wallowing for no reason at all. (I suppose there could be something cathartic and tragic at the end instead, but it’s already a whole […]

Album scratch demos!

After the marathon of recording yesterday (basically from 8am to 6pm, by myself), I didn’t have the time or energy to actually make a post about it last night. So here we go! I’ve recorded ten tracks yesterday, adding up to about 28.5 minutes of material in raw form though there’s a minute or two […]

Go go go go go

Fueling up on coffee and getting ready to start laying down rough demos of the songs written so far. There are a lot of gaps still in the individual lyrics and in the overall flow of the album itself, and until I sit down and rough these things out properly I really won’t know how […]

Album progress, six days in

Things are going well; after a lot of hair-tearing in the first couple days of the month, I’ve settled down to a theme and gotten started on ten concrete song ideas. Album is taking the form of a post-breakup narrative, tracking a series of vignettes as the protagonist (for lack of a better word) lives […]

Where Is My Mind, Theremin edition

While I’m trying to work out a bunch of songs for the album in a month, none of that is really ready for any serious recording yet, and I’ve got a lot of antsiness and musical energy building up in the mean time. And so: time to record a cover. Specifically, the Pixies’ Where Is […]